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Spiritual Journey

A spiritual journey is the destination.

[IMG] Spiritual Journey by Tobias Mathes, All rights reserved.

When I grew up, people who were engaged in esoterism or practiced a more spiritual approach to life, were largely consindered to be lunatics. While in some cases this was (and still is) true, most people just couldn't grasp the idea that you can improve your life through an increased spirituality. Nowadays the tides have changed quite a bit, especially since many people actively practice methods like Yoga.

When I talk at parties about practicing Meditation, many people answer things like "Meditation just isn't for me." or "I always fall asleep.". What they are basically saying is: "I am afraid of change.". Meditation is greatly misunderstood by people, while reading books or watching YouTube videos about it, can give you some pointers on how to start, it never can teach you how to properly practice it. You have to take a spiritual journey to get to know yourself, you have to make the experiences and you have to get the clarifying thoughts on your own. Reading buddhist quotes off the internet is cute, but unless you reached a certain spiritual level, you will never truly understand them.

Many people, especially women, practice Yoga, but most people do it for the wrong reasons. Yoga is much more then just a good sport to make you more flexible, it's also a very good method to combine physical activity with mental inactivity (Meditaton). Technically, if you do it right by just concentrating on your breathing and posture while practicing Yoga, you are already meditating. Unfortunately, some people are just powering through the flows, still being consumed by their everyday problems, because "Hey, Yoga is just a sport for me.". So, they are getting some stress relief through physical activity, but it would be much more effective if they were really engaged.

There are several misconceptions revolving around spirituality, I guess many people just think you have to be religious to be spiritual. In reality you can be spiritual without being religious and you also can be religious without being spiritual.

In my case, my spiritual journey kinda started on it's own, without me realising that I had departed. I started doing endurance sport, then combining this with meditation and finally practicing Yoga as cross training. However unlike most people, I am fully aware that Yoga is so much more then just a sport. It can be as much as an entire life philosophy and a very positive addition to your lifestyle and point-of-view on life in general.

However you want to approach your departure and whatever method you want to choose, be aware that you have to find your own way. Books, tutorials and other people can help you only so much; Everything else is up to you. :)

Enjoy the trip.