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Safety in Numbers

"But I have nothing to hide."

Safety in Numbers by Tobias Mathes, All rights reserved.

Especially since the revelations in the year 2013, that the NSA and other intelligence services are massively collecting everyones data, we all should use VPN (Virtual Private Network) services to protect ourselves. The most common excuse is "But I have nothing to hide.", which couldn't be more inaccurate. We all have something to hide and protect, namely our privacy.

Everyone of us has interests we don't want our families, friends or partners to know about, so why share them with intelligence agencies?

The basic idea behind using a VPN provider is that all your session data, which could be collected by someone, will be intermixed with the data of everyone else who uses that endpoint. Which makes it virtually impossible for intelligence agencies and every other data kraken to create a personalised behavioural data profile of you. It will also help to confuse advertising algorithms.

Several years ago, the setup of VPNs needed some technical expertise and VPN services were rather expensive. But nowadays they are available in all sorts of price ranges and the setup couldn't be easier.

Safety in Numbers - VPN Tool by Tobias Mathes, All rights reserved.By example, the NordVPN1 client

TorrentFreak, a website dedicated to filesharing and privacy topics, recently published an article about VPN services. They asked several questions about the privacy of users and features concerning mostly people who are actively engage into filesharing. But if you want to protect your privacy, these providers are a good starting point.

I used that article to select a provider which is not located in the EU or the US, which has alternative payment options and has a good price. I selected NordVPN1 for myself, which is located in Panama and after using it for some hours now, I am actually rather happy with my choice. I payed EUR 32 for a year, which is a good price for me. The video streaming speed for Netflix in the US is good and only YouTube couldn't be tricked to believe that I am actually located in the US. :)

So I finally convinced myself to use a VPN service and you should, too. It's very easy to set up, it's cheap and it protects your privacy from the prying eyes of other interested parties.

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