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A Matter Of Perception

Your perspective is defined by your perception.

St. Thomas by Tobias Mathes, All rights reserved.An apocalyptic summer day.

Everything is about ones own perception and how limited it might be.

My favourite example for this is the weather and the personal point of view attached to it. While most peoples definition for the perfect day is warm with sunshine, no clouds and no wind or with just a refreshing breeze. Of course the weather does what it wants without any regard for most people wishes. It often enough doesn't play by the rules, because it doesn't care for our definition of seasons.

This leads to a self-made problem for most people, if you deeply care for the state of the weather, a factor you have no control over whatsoever, then you will make yourself unnecessary unhappy.

The solution for this however is incredibly easy; Learn to accept the weather for what it is. Try to love the cloudy and rainy days in fall and try to see their individual charm. If you can accept your loved ones for their imperfections, then you have the ability to accept the daily weather for what it is.

I used to say that Meditation teaches you to change your perspective, but while writing this article I realised this is only partly true. Meditation is mainly teaching you to alter your perception which in consequence is changing your perspective.

You might think now, "Meditation is for tree huggers." and some years ago that would have been my statement as well. But after practicing meditation daily with various methods for over a year now, I will tell you that you are missing out on something awesome.

My perception of the world used to be mostly dominated by my thoughts and the feelings attached to them. Which took the power over them away from me and placed me in a very limited and grim perspective. Through meditation I learned to change my perception of everything, to take away the power my thoughts and my emotions had over me and it opened new perspectives for me.

If you are interested in changing your approach on things in a less intrusive way, there is a simple meditation method you can apply to your daily life. Take by example the way you walk to your local supermarket; simply try to take another route to and from it. Especially if your current route is either the most convenient or the most effective one. Change it up a little bit or even change it up multiple times a week or month if you have to.

Basically put some thought in why and how you are choosing your daily travelling routes. You might learn something about yourself.

In the end, knowing how to change your perception is a good skill to have.